Bespoke North West Glazing
The electrically heated glass units are thermostatically controlled creating ambient temperatures which are perfect for installation in Bi-folding doors reaching glass surface temperatures of 35-40°C. For the first time a realistic alternative to radiators, electric fires or under floor heating systems is available either as the main or an additional source of heating for your home available in a range of opening configurations and colours which can fold inside or out, to suit any household.
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Electrically heated glass units
  • Primary heating source
  • Efficient radiant heat
  • Temperature upto 35-40c
  • 1.2 W/m2K U-Value
  • Energy Savings
  • Reduces Condersation
  • Maintenance Free
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Compliant with Future Homes Standard (FHS) 2025 - 2
Heated glass comprises of a sealed unit that is layered with intelligent invisible conductive coatings which is electrically heated to convert electric power into radiant heat. Heated Glass is incorporated into aluminium bi-folding door systems which include enhanced security multi-point locking mechanism, and child friendly gaskets which prevent fingers being trapped, giving you peace of mind with regard to your family’s safety. Heated Glass is the perfect product and set to be a must-have feature in the design of modern day homes, extensions or home renovation projects.
New Bifold Doors
+ Heated Glass & Installation
Retro Fit
Heated Glass in Existing Bifold Doors
All prices + VAT & subject to survey
Prices above are based on
3 Panes at 2700 x 2150mm | 4 panes at 3600 x 2150mm | 5 panes at 4500 2150mm | 6 panes at 5100 x 2150mm
Common Questions About Headted Glass BiFolds
What is heated glass?

Our heated glass is the latest innovation in the glazing industry. Our heated glass has a conductive coating ( invisible to the eye ) which generates heat when a small electric current passes through it. This product is so efficent it can be used as the sole heating source in the room completely removing the need for traditional radiators and underfloor heating.

What are the benefits of heated glass?
This innovative new heating solution offers numerous benefits:

  • Space saver – The solution is invisible unlike traditional radiators or plug in fires.
  • Condensation – Dramatically reduces condensation thereby preserving an uninterrupted
  • Environmentally friendly – Heated glass emits less carbon than traditional heating
  • Cost of installation – Installation cost is cheaper than traditional heating methods such as
  • Maintenance free – Unlike some heating systems that require regular service intervals our Heated Glass requires no ongoing maintenance.
How do I control the heat?

We will install a small smart thermostat that can be used to program the heat just like your standard heating system.

Is it expensive to run?

Not at all !

The average hourly cost is around 9p per Bifold door. Therefore, as an example a 3 door Bifold configuration running for 5 hours per day will cost around £1.35. *Based on an electricity cost of 25p/kWh

Is heated glass difficult to intsall ?

It takes our team around 3 hours to retro fit heated glass panels to an existing aluminium bifold door. Our system is designed for easy installation with no mess even a full new install should take less than a day.