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From aluminium windows and doors, glass box extensions and glass links to slimline sliding doors, bi-folding doors, rooflights, glass balustrades and architectural glazing, James Price delivers glazing projects of all kinds. We work extensively across the North West of England – including Manchester and Liverpool, North Wales, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire and Yorkshire. Take a look at our gallery here to see the breadth of our expertise and how our installers work with great skill and care to ensure every glazing installation is completed to the highest standard.


Stunning glass box featuring glue lam timber support beams and Infinium sliding doors structural double glazed units.

With two fixed glass panes at either side of the sliding Infinium doors the framing is minimised
Brick, glass and timber combine to create an elegant glass box
Glue lam timber beams add a unique visual dimension to the glass box extension
The glue lam timber frame combines well with the frameless glass.
The glue lam timber frame of the glass box achieves a natural look
the Infinium sliding aluminium doors provide clear access to the garden
With the minimal framing, light transmission and views are maximised
Glue lam framing with the bolts clearly visible create a stylish visual feature


Walk-on rooflight – this large flat fixed glass roof light provides plenty of natural daylight for the interior space below.

A flat glass rooflight is lifted into position by James Price installers
The framing for the walk-on rooflight is ready for the glass
A flat glass rooflight is lifted into position by James Price installers
A walk-on flat glass rooflight is carefully positioned as it is installed by the James Price team
Fixed glass flat rooflight installed


Toughened laminated balustrade with stainless steel bolt fixings – this internal glass feature adds a stylish dimension to the interior design to create a modern, light filled space.

Toughened laminated glass balustrade complete with stainless steel bolt fixings
Stylish frameless glass balustrade with feature stainless steel bolts
Glass balustrade featuring toughened laminated glass secured with stainless steel bolts for Lancashire project


Solarlux double glazed sliding doors and double glazed side panels – these large areas of glazing ensure the room benefits from maximum natural daylight and access to the terrace is clear and unobstructed.

Comtemporary appeal with Solarlux extension
Solarlux doors for more glass less framing
Solarlux sliding doors maxmise daylight


Custom made shower screen – often a bespoke sized and shaped glass shower screen can provide the best solution for a bathroom, incorporating glass doors too.

Adding the perfect touch a custom made glass screen and door for wetroom
Large bespoke shower screen with stylish black framing
Tailor made glass shower screen provides increased height to better fit the room size
Bespoke glass screen with door for wetroom


Shower screen and door – bathroom design needn’t be constrained with standard products which is why bespoke glass screens and glass doors can be provide an excellent solution.

Bespoke glass shower screen provides an ideal solution
Custom made shower screen and door


Schuco aluminium windows and doors – the creative potential offered by this high quality German aluminium window system is perfectly clear.

Schuco windows and doors being installed in Leicestershire
James Price installers completing Schuco window installation
Schuco aluminium windows and doors help to maximise internal light
By matching the shape of the glazing to the gable end daylight can be maximised inside
Schuco aluminium windows fitted by James Price
Gable end windows created using Schuco aluminium systems fitted by James Price
Schuco windows and doors provide large glazed space for this house in Leicestershire
The James Price team working on a project using Schuco aluminium windows and doors
Three pane aluminium sliding doors offer large span for new property


Fixed glass roof lights – the amount of additional light that our flat rooflights can provide can transform a room.


Flat glass roof lights in this traditional stone-built house bring a contemporary touch to ensure the internal spaces are light, comfortable and energy efficient.

Contemporary look with fixed glass rooflights
Fixed glass flat roof lights
Flat glass roof lights provide extra daylight


Crittall style internal steel doors and windows – the appeal of these windows and doors is timeless and when used internally they offer a particular wow-factor.

Internal partition created using steel doors and windows
Internal steel doors and windows replicate Crittall window styling
Internal steel doors with glazing and slim frames to maximise light transmission
Steel doors for bathroom
Steel doors used instead of timber doors
Steel frame doors with glazing for internal use
Steel window and door partition delivers a unique look
Steel windows and doors created an elegant internal feature


Infinium doors, kitchen extension with bifold doors and single side doors – the aesthetic benefits of high quality aluminium windows and doors is clearly evident here.

Infinium doors provide corner-less views
Infinium sliding doors used in an extension 2
Infinium sliding doors, bi-folds and side doors


Glass installation for a unique home – here our installers created a large glazed window to allow virtually frameless views on three sides.

Glass and timber cladding combine beautifully here in Lancashire
James Price installers ensuring the corner glazing is perfect
New glazing being lifted into position for Clitheroe project
Lifting a large pane of glass into position
James Price intallers at work in Lancashire
Maximum daylight and garden views with virtually frameless glazing
Virtually frameless glazing on corner


Glass box extension with a 3-pane Infinium sliding door and glass roof – an excellent example of how a glass box can bring contemporary appeal to a traditional house.

Contemporary glass box for traditional property in Staffordshire.
Glass box extension created with 3 pane Infinium sliding doors
Infinium slimline aluminium sliding doors in black


Glass box and glass balustrade – the blend of modern virtually frameless glazing with traditional stone gives this property a unique look.

Glass box and balustrade nears completion
Glass box extension with terrace above featuring glass balustrade
New property featuring glass box and glass balustrade


This glass box extension to the kitchen of a traditional brick-built terraced house illustrates how glazing like this can add valuable space to smaller properties where the outdoor space is limited.

Glass box extension to kitchen
Glass box extension offers a virtually frameless view
Traditional brick terraced house extended with glass box extension
How a glass box extension adds valuable space to any size house


Glass box extension with Infinium sliding doors and structural double glazed flat glazed roof lights – virtually frameless sides to the glass box with additional light transmission through the large rooflights.

Contemporary glazing for modern extension
Double sliding aluminium doors with slim grey frame
Fixed glass rooflights provide superb daylighting in this extension
Grey alumnium sliding doors and windows
Infinium aluminium sliding doors combined with glass roof light
Infinium aluminium sliding doors in stylish grey with minimal framing
Infinium sliding doors provide a contemporary look
Large sliding aluminim doors for glazed extension in North Wales
Optimum natural light through slimline doors and windows plus rooflights
Slim framing of Infinium aluminium sliding doors maximises daylight inside properties.
Slimline aluminium sliding doors combined with fixed glass roof lights
Slimline Infinium sliding doors installed by James Price Structural Glazing in North Wales


An extension featuring a glass roof, an aluminium Oriel window, bifold doors with integrated blinds and French doors with side lights – a complete aluminium glazing package.

Grey aluminium windows and bi-folds.
A fine example of an oriel window
Aluminium grey oriel window.
Aluminium windows & doors with blinds.
Contemporary grey aluminium door.
Fixed glass rooflight with minimal frame
Glass rooflibght on extension.
Grey aluminium bi-fold doors
Grey aluminium door side & top lights.
Grey bi-fold doors with integral blinds.
Bespoke aluminium oriel window.
Oriel window with integrated blinds.


Crittall replacement aluminium doors and shaped windows – replicating the iconic style of steel windows with their slim framing with today’s performance standards.

Crittal windows replaced with shaped aluminium windows.
Replacement windows and doors that perfectly match Crittal.
Shaped steel replacement windows in black aluminium.
Steel replacement windows and doors.


An installation of 3 x sets of Infinium sliding aluminium doors with shaped aluminium windows above to fit the gable.

Slimline aluminium sliding doors being installed.
Three sets of Infinium slimline sliding doors.


Aluminium windows and doors plus a corner glass box opening out to a high level terrace.

A unique glass box enables outstanding views.
Aluminium windows and doors in classic white.
Replacement aluminium windows and doors.


Bespoke aluminium slat security door – the design gives a unique visual appearance to a typically function door.

Bespoke aluminium slat door creates a secure, stylish entrance.
Grey aluminium slats form the basis for this bespoke entrance door.
Security and aesthetics combine for this entrance door.
This aluminium slat door combines complements the traditional red brick.