Solarux Glass House & Canopies

James Price has now partnered with Solarux to offer high end bespoke glass houses & canopies for your residential project. The slim dimensions and choice of frames make the perfect choice for your home.


Increase the usable space with our bespoke glass structures and create a usable space all year round. Our Tailored design service ensures you can maximise your space and create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor areas.

Solarlux GmbH

By adding vertical sliding glass panels your canopy can be transformed into a glass house to protect your new area from the elements.

Whether you choose a glass canopy or glass house, in wood or aluminium, every system will be bespoke and a perfect match for the architecture of your building as well as your needs due to the wide choice of shapes, colours and materials.

Solarlux GmbH

As well as being fitted to existing buildings we also offer the option to have a fully freestanding glass house which can provide the property with the ultimate self contained outdoor pod to enjoy all year round.

Solarlux GmbH


  • Protection from the elements
  • Wide variety of possible designs
  • Durable quality materials - aluminium and wood
  • Full range of accessories such as awnings, lighting and heater direct from Solarlux
  • All Solarlux products are tested and certified by various independent testing institutes


  • All-season use possible, durable and functional
  • Fits harmoniously into the garden and façacade concept
  • Filigree profile faces
  • Silicone-free installation
  • Technically mature construction with regard to drainage, impermeability, statics and substructure
  • System components are precisely matched to each other and can be ideally combined
  • Innovative ventilation technology for a pleasant climate 
Solarlux GmbH